The Cupholders are a brand-new Seattle supergroup comprised of Bart Cameron (The Foghorns, Proud Wonderful Me), Casey Ruff (Casey Ruff & The Mayors of Ballard, The Foghorns) & Doug Hood (a.k.a. Sam Russell of The Harborrats). Bart, Casey & Doug had shared bills and participated in each other’s project for years before deciding to form a new project as an excuse to hang out together, drink whiskey & swap songs. 

Focusing on a stylistic overlap of classic rock, outlaw country and vintage soul, The Cupholders play raucous pulpy rock n’ roll in the tradition of multi-singer bands Drive-By Truckers, Three Dog Night, The Raconteurs, The Georgia Satellites, Badfinger and Uncle Tupelo while shooting for the grandeur and comradery of The Highwaymen & The Travelling Wilburys. 

Their first EP “The Tractor” is named for The Tractor Tavern, located in the heart of the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. It is the first in a series of EP’s named for classic venues on Ballard Avenue where the Cupholders have collectively spent many late evenings over the years and decades. 

“The Tractor” is an introductory EP from the band to both fans of their regular projects and complete strangers, featuring a song each from all three songwriters: 

“Queen of Decatur” is a new song from Bart also to be featured on The Foghorn’s upcoming album “After Omega Man” and the definite anthem for those prone to existential crises while on vacation with their romantic partner. 

Casey’s song “You Don’t Bother Me” first appeared on his “Americana” album in solo acoustic form and now with The Cupholders has reincarnated into a passed-out-on-the-barroom-floor space-age-honky-tonk anthem. 

“Too Far in the South Again” was written by Sam quickly in the studio last February on International Women’s Day as a half-tribute to the Pussy Power marchers and half-attack on the current Dumbass-in-Chief. 

“The Tractor” EP was recorded at Colin J. Nelson’s Her Car Studios with all the musicians together in one room as to preserve the spontaneous chemistry and asides between band members. Both live and in-studio, The Cupholders utilize members from their main projects as well as the larger Ballard community of musicians, including Ken Nottingham (singer/bass player of Creeping Time, bass player for The Foghorns, The Harborrats & Virgin of the Birds), Shadrack Scott (keyboard player for Casey Ruff & The Mayors of Ballard), Dave Forrester (drummer for Creeping Time & The Harborrats), Kubby Casual (drummer for Casey Ruff & The Mayors of Ballard & The Colin J. Nelson Band) & Paul Beaudry (guitar player/singer/keyboardist for Caleb & Walter, Double or Muffin & Virgin of the Birds). 

The Cupholders will be releasing their second EP of their Ballard Bars series "The Conor Byrne EP" on 4.20.19.